Resume and Applying

Creating Your Resume and Applying for Jobs

This will explain the process of applying for a job as well as creating your online teacher resume which only has to be done once.  It will be used for every application.  You can also share your online resume with any school you want.

Please note that the interview can't take place until your profile and resume are complete (to include an introduction video and 2 interview video questions).  To see an example, please click here. 

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Step 1: Create Teacher Profile

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Step 2: Create Teacher CV

Create Your Online Teacher Resume

Step 3: Schedule Interview

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Creating Teacher Profile

Sign Up

Your first step would be to register for a free teacher account on Icon Recruit.  At the time of registration, you will be asked for some basic documents (CV, Degree, Certificate, Reference).

If you have additional documents to upload or want to upload them later, you can visit the uploads section of your personal profile.

Note:  All uploads are private.  They are not accessible anywhere on the site.  We will only use the documents you provide to send to a school for application.


Once you have registered for your free teacher account, you should begin to set up your profile.  Remember to upload a headshot.  Additionally, there is a professional summary to briefly explain yourself and your experience.  

Note:  Your personal contact information is not viewable by the public.  Only Icon and yourself can see your contact and personal information online. 


You would then create your teacher resume which will include your experience, education, skills, etc.  Remember to include some portfolio pictures if you have some.  You would also record and then upload your introduction and interview videos here.

Note:  Each resume comes with a unique URL and QR code which you are free to share to other schools to apply for jobs outside of Icon.  You can also download a PDF version of your profile that you can send to other schools.

Introduction and Interview Videos

We understand that time is valuable so we have created a video introduction and interview system for you to create once which is used for every job applied for.  This allows for the actual scheduled interview to focus on questions you may have rather than asking you the same questions again.

You can record your introduction and interview videos at your convenience and upload them to your personal YouTube account.

Note:  These videos are to keep the interview short and focused on you.  It is strongly encouraged that you record your responses at your convenience and upload them.

Apply For Jobs

Apply For Jobs

Once you find the job you like, you simply click on “Apply For This Job” where you enter your contact information and you can choose which resume you want to use for that job application.

You will receive a confirmation email from Icon that you have applied. 

Please don’t apply to more than 2 jobs at a time until after the scheduled interview is complete.

Your Applications

All of your applications are assigned an Application ID Number.  You can view all your applications in your profile.

Clicking on any Application ID number will take you to a private communication regarding that position.  

There is also the option to withdraw an application prior to approval if you change your mind.

Remember that we are always available on Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger
if you every want to talk or ask us any questions!

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