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Thank you for Scheduling Your Interview

Hello, my name is Michael with Icon Recruit. Thank you for scheduling an interview with me.  I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss teaching in Thailand.  Following is a guide to the interview process, pre-interview and post-interview.  Please read through to help you be better prepared and understand the process.

It is very important that your online profile and resume is complete to include the mandatory introduction video.  I will use this to promote you to schools and highlight your strengths and positives. Remember, you only have to do it once and it will be used for any job you apply to, now or in the future.

Click Here to learn more about the Application/Interview process.

See example teacher resume here

Every step from application to arrival!

Step 1

Application and Registration

Application and Registration

Applying for a job will create a Candidate profile to be used for applying to any job. Ensure that you completed your resume and uploaded your documents.
Create Your Teacher Resume Here

Step 2

Interview and Position

Interview and Position

Once the Candidate profile and documents needed are done, we will schedule an interview. Upon successful completion of the interview, we will also discuss the positions available to decide your preferences.

Step 3

Offer and Acceptance

Offer and Acceptance

Your Candidate Profile and Interview will be submitted for the position of your choice along with a Teaching Position Offer for school signature. Once the school signs, the same offer will be sent to you for signature.

Step 4

Post-Offer Acceptance Requirements

Post-Offer Acceptance Requirements

After Teaching Position Offer is signed by both parties, you will begin to prepare the documents needed prior to relocation or start date: legalized/notarized copy of your degree, police background check, airline ticket (if applicable). The offer is contingent on receipt.

Step 5

Training and Relocation

Training and Relocation

Once your post-offer documents are received, you will begin your relocation. This includes you choosing short-term accommodation and reviewing long-term accommodation near school. Additionally, you will begin your free teacher professional development.

Step 6

Arrival and On-Boarding

Arrival and On-Boarding

When you arrive, we will greet you at the airport and take you to your short-term accommodation to recover from travel. The next day will begin the on-boarding process to review visa/work permit steps, sign all documents, review your teaching materials, open bank account, etc.

Before Your Interview

The most important thing to do prior to the interview is to complete your online Teacher Resume/Profile so that the interview can focus on you and your questions rather than asking the same interview questions again.  Create Your Teacher Resume 

We use Zoom to conduct our interviews and you will need to have audio and video cam available for the interview.  Skype can be used as a backup interview platform but Zoom is our preferred platform.  You will receive a calendar invite that in the location will have a direct link to the Icon Recruit Zoom meeting room.

To the right are example screen shots of where you will see the location link in a calendar invite.  Note that the password in the notes section is part of the Zoom meeting room link so is in the notes for information only.

Please note that Zoom works best on a PC that has audio and video cam.  You simply click on the link in the calendar invite zoom will open in your browser and follow the instructions.  The meeting room password is “bangkok”. If you don’t have a PC available, these are the steps for setting up to use your mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Download the app:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

To the left are screen shot instructions on how to open the meeting room and to turn on your mobile phone’s camera and microphone.

During the interview, you will be free to ask any questions you have about the position or relocation to Thailand.  If you have completed your online teacher profile, there will be little to no questions to ask you other than your preferences.  If profile is not complete, you will be asked specific questions which I have included below to help you prepare.  Please review the interview questions so you have your answers prepared to make a great impression.  

During the Interview

If you have completed the teacher interview question videos on your teacher resume, the interview will be mostly used to discuss the positions and any any questions you have to ensure you feel comfortable. Create Your Teacher Resume 

If  you have not completed the interview question videos on your teacher resumes, expect to be asked the following questions which will be recorded and submitted to the school.

Beginning of Interview:

Briefly introduce yourself:  Bios (name, age citizenship, education, teaching experience – or working experience related) and why you want to teach in Thailand.

Position Preferences:

What Subjects and Age Groups Do You Prefer to Teach?

Are There Any Specific Areas of Thailand You Wish to Teach in?  Are you open to schools outside Bangkok (i.e. rural or semi-rural)?

When Are You Looking to Relocate?

Are you familiar with Thai culture and how will you adapt to it?

Teaching Experience:

Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher/Work in Thailand?

What Adjectives Would You Use to Describe Your Presence in the Classroom?

How Would You Handle a Difficult Student? (never do homework, disrupts classes, etc.)

How Do You Motivate Students in Your Classes?

Walk Me Through a Typical Lesson.

Personal/Professional Background:

Tell Me About a Challenging Situation at Work and How You Dealt With It.

Tell Me About a Time When You Helped Someone Succeed.

Tell Me About a Time When Someone Gave You Feedback and How You Handled That.

End of Interview:

I will discuss the available positions and position details for you to express which is of interest.

What Questions Do You Have for Me?

After You Interview

After your interview, we will submit your teacher profile and a Teaching Position Offer agreement to the school for your desired position.  This takes about 72 hours. If they sign the agreement accepting your application, it will be sent to you for digital signature.  Once both parties have signed, we begin to plan together for your relocation and start date.

There are 3 main things to do in order to finalize and relocate:

  1. We must receive a copy of your confirmed airline ticket showing what date you will arrive in Thailand.
  2. You must get your degrees legalized for the Non-Immigrant B visa and Work Permit.
  3. You must obtain a police background from your home country.  If you are already in Thailand, you must also obtain a background check from the Royal Thai Police.

More details on this are below but I will also help to guide you.

We will also begin to discuss your arranging short-term accommodation in Bangkok for the orientation and on-boarding.

Degree Legalization

Legalization is the process of authenticating a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect.

Thailand Immigration requires a legalized degree to be presented in order to approve and issue a Non-immigrant B visa (work visa) and Work Permit. Legalization is the official confirmation that a signature, seal, or stamp on an official public document is genuine. It is the teacher’s  responsibility to complete the degree legalization. The most important thing is to have your original degree, without which you can't get a legalized/notarized copy.

We have outlined the steps for legalization according to each country. Please click here to review the process for each country where the degree was obtained.  Click here to see an example for the  US Embassy Bangkok.

Police Background Check

Given that you will be working in a school in close contact with children, teachers are required to obtain a police background check from their country of origin.  In addition, local Thailand applicants must obtain a police background check from the Royal Thai police.  This background check is in addition to the Criminal Background Affidavit you signed as part of the Teaching Position Offer stating that you have no criminal arrest record for any offense, to include misdemeanor or felony, with the exception of minor traffic violations.

Please note that your employment offer is conditional on receipt of a clean police background check with no violations.

We have outlined the steps for obtaining a police background check according to each country. Please click here to review the process for each country based on your nationality.

For more information on the Visa and Work Permit Process, please click here.

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